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Quest Hub + Nyche Forest
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10-19-17 05:12 AM
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Board Credits
 Acmlmboard 2 started back in 2005 by Acmlm as a cleaner rewrite for the original AB1. The major new feature he wished to implement is a fully functional battle RPG based on the system be built for the first board. However shortly after starting he put AB2 aside, instead some of the cosmetic features eventually ended up in AB1, but the rest of the code would stay dormant until 2007. In 2007 AB2 launched with AB 2.0...

This is a WIP.

ProgrammerzBoard Contributors
freakyfurballMananged to get this board software to work. Developed the Quest Hub and Nyche Forest.
FlashwaveFixes the bugs and exploits found and improves stuff. Spends most his time cleaning the code already there up.
ProgrammerCore Contributors
AcmlmThe man the board is named after. He built the core of the board (and much more that would take a long time to detail.)
EmuzHe was there from day one with Acmlm. Working on misc things. It was on the beginning of the year 2012 when he restarted interest in developement of AB 2.X as 2.5+.
blackhole89Worked along with Xkeeper to bring the board from an alpha to production. Created many of the core systems missing from the original provided by Acmlm.
XkeeperXkeeper was the person who convinced Acmlm to work on AB2 after it laid dormant for years. Along with blackhole89 they contributed a majority of the code from 2.0 to 2.1.
SukasaImplemented mood avatars, forums and items editing, and a Text to IMG rendering engine.
KawaImplemented Display Name, the inital root power level, and the current theme management system.
DJ BoucheCreated the permissions and group system, warp whistle reply, and many other things.
knuckImplemented implemented post radar, many small fixes.
GywallRevised mood avatar system, sprites random method, many many fixes.
Mega-MarioSecurty officer, permissons editors, globals fixing, many misc issues.
ScrydanImplemented ranks.php, core cleanup, many other small things (like this page here). Most of his work was on the now defunct 2.6 branch.
KP9000Provided many themes for AB2 over the last few years... (TBC)
NinaConverted all the AB1 themes to AB2.

Additional Thanks
Thanks to all those who have stuck with Zeniea and zQuest.
All the original users from the BETA ZENIEA, may you be remembered fondly. You helped start this legacy.
Finally, thanks goes to Flashwave for always being available to help with the comic and the board software. Nothing on this site could be possible without him and I can't thank him enough.
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