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Quest Hub + Nyche Forest
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10-19-17 05:20 AM
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Nyche Forest Entrance

You have entered the Nyche Forest, the Duckinator TM is a special time machine that allows you to explore other areas across the zQuest Universe.
More experienced users may explore deeper beyond the zQuest Universe into other realities.

Nyche ForestWhere paradoxes go to die. Creatures from all across the universe end up here through rifts in the fabric of time and space.
Temple of SpaceTimeThe Temple of SpaceTime is where the most skilled Hexad Warriors go to discover the secrets of the Craitial Realm.

Lamorey HeightsThe biggest city in all of Pegasia and the hub of antiquarian pop culture. Demons, Goblins, Elves, and more!
Draconian MountainAn inactive volcano now inhabited by the Draconian Reptile Civilization. They are very protective of their land.


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