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10-19-17 05:12 AM
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Main - Endless Vidya Campaign - Tesseract (Cube 2 modification)

Posted on 07-11-14 09:03 AM Link | ID: 700
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What is Tesseract?

The Game

Tesseract is a first-person shooter game focused on instagib deathmatch and capture-the-flag gameplay as well as cooperative in-game map editing.

The Tech

Tesseract provides a unique open-source engine derived from Cube 2: Sauerbraten technology but with upgraded modern rendering techniques. The new rendering features include fully dynamic omnidirectional shadows, global illumination, HDR lighting, deferred shading, morphological/temporal/multisample anti-aliasing, and much more.

Im not sure if any of you have played the original cube games (assault cube, saurbraten, red eclipse, etc.) but this is a good improvement.
Though the gameplay is limited to insta-gib ctf and deathmatch (as if every other game in the open source gaming library wasnt this)
its implementation of Ambient Occlusion, Dynamic Lighting, HDR, and other cool shit makes the game look wonderful!!!
in the current SVN they even added in volumetric lighting. Its also fun to play and the community is very kind. If you want to download it it is available at TESSERACT.GG.




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Is this what you've been making maps in?

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Main - Endless Vidya Campaign - Tesseract (Cube 2 modification)

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